Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee

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Breaking free from many of the traditional mindsets we’ve been taught about the gospel will bring an exciting and revolutionizing experience to your life. Some of the topics addressed in Clash of the Covenants include:

Separating the Old Covenant from the New Covenant. They were never meant to be mixed together.

The Ten Commandments. Should we try to live by them? Or did God provide us with a better option?

The Sermon on the Mount. Was Jesus giving a new Christian teaching or was there another purpose?

The Lord’s Prayer. Who was it really meant for? Must we forgive in order to be forgiven?

Just exactly who represents the good Samaritan? The Prodigal Son? (You may be surprised).

Confessing individual sins. Is it required to be forgiven?

Tithing, giving, repentance, “in Christ.” What these things mean in a new and better covenant.

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