Whether it is from the book Clash of the Covenants, the Growing in Grace podcasts or blogs found here at The Grace Guarantee, our purpose and mission is to help people discover and realize the grace and unconditional love that God has for you. He has demonstrated this love by the death of Jesus Christ and has done all that is necessary through Christ’s finished work and the blood that was shed at the cross to reconcile you to Himself.

God is not angry with you. His righteousness now belongs to you as a gift. He has set you apart and declared you to be holy and blameless. We abide in the Christ of a New Covenant where God isn’t dealing with you according to your sins, He no longer counts them against you, and He remembers them no more.

The Holy Spirit abides in you to bear fruit for God, apart from the bondage of law or religious rules. Our goal is to help those who are seeking the assurance found in the grace guarantee of Jesus Christ.